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Head wires for diodes, rectifiers and similar components

We manufacture precise connecting wires for axial diodes, rectifiers and other electrical components. Besides wire sections with upset heads and double heads, we produce pins with flanks of exacted tolerance and canted middle sections which suppress torsion.

The dimensions and bending tolerances of our products are confined to a very narrow range. We also supply our head pins with galvanized surfaces. The head wires are manufactured in quantities up to several hundred million pieces. The preferred materials for these types are ECu, OFCu, OFCu gal Sn, OFCu gal Ag, copper-clad wire (CuFe 70/30) of diameters between 0,5 — 2,0 mm.

Soldered terminal wires for electrical and electronic circuits

Dr. Ing. F. Keller GmbH has developed processes by which the head region of a terminal wire is coated by spheroid or drop-shaped solder. Complicated soldering techniques or the application of solder points after silk screen printing can therefore be dispensed with when putting together complex circuits.

The prefered materials for these current wires are Ag 99,9 or,
OFCu 3 gal Ag, with a diameter between 0,3 — 0,5 mm, and any length between 20 mm and 80 mm.

All conventional solders usually implemented in semi-conductor technology can be used according to the customer's wishes.


Precision pins for electronics, precision engineering,
optics and electromedicine.

In the course of time, existing machines have been optimized and spezialized pins have been developed in cooperation with the customer. In many cases accuracy has almost reached that of turned parts.

Various materials can be employed, especially, NiFeCo, CuSn6, CuSn8, German silver, brass, Dumet wire, mu metall, metal alloys, surface terminated wires, diameter 0,3 — 2,0 mm.

The ends of the pins can be manufactured with a defined bevel in order to facilitate easier insertion of the bones into the circuit boards.