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The Dr. Ing. F. Keller GmbH was founded in 1960. It specialized from the beginning with the cold working of wires. Through the continuing further development of production techniques and the introduction of powerful automatic machine tools, we are able to offer our customers very accurately produced precision parts. With the help of modern measuring equipment, quality parameters can be determined and documented. Our company has implemented ISO management system 9001-2015 and is certified for this.

We produce exclusively according to customer drawings, head-wires, connection pins, pins, contacts, axles and shafts such as are used in electro-technics, electronics, precision mechanics, optics, medical equipment and similar where these are required in large quantities.
We process wires of all commonly used metals, metal alloys and composite materials with either uncoated or surface plated finish. Wires of copper, silver, brass, bronze, nickel-silver, steel, stainless steel, FeNi and FeNiCo alloys as well as Dumet and copper clad wires or materials requested for by customers, can be processed on our automatic machines. The usual wire thickness is between 0.3mm and 3mm.

Our production capabilities are such that we can provide for customer requirements for large quantities of several 100 million parts. However, we provide the same accuracy and precision when asked to produce small series of parts of demanding complexity. At the customers request, we can provide shipment of parts to anywhere in the world. We always strive to respond quickly to customer enquiries, to provide samples orders with full commitment and to deliver the finished production quantities on schedule.




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